David's Biography

professional photographer in Hertfordshire

In 1979, aged seventeen, David left school and immediately pursued a full time career in Professional Photography. Since then, there has been little in the photographic industry that David hasn’t achieved.

In 1998 he gained the highest grade of qualification (a Fellowship) with both the British Institute of Professional Photography and the Master Photographers Association. Aged just thirty six, at that time he was the youngest Fellow in wedding photography in the UK.

He has judged images on behalf of the BIPP, the MPA and Kodak, as well as having lectured on wedding and portrait photography all over the world.

He has been commissioned to shoot weddings and portraits worldwide, with his images gracing homes in the USA, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Japan, the Philippines, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Israel, Cyprus… and of course, all over the UK!

The United Kingdom titles he has won are:

MPA UK Under 5’s Portrait Photographer of the Year 2000

MPA UK Family Portrait Photographer of the Year 2002

Kodak UK Portrait Photographer of the Year 2007

MPA UK Commercial Photographer of the Year 2012

MPA UK PR Photographer of the Year 2012

MPA UK Travel Photographer of the Year 2012

So as you can see, with three UK titles in 2012, David’s passion and excellence in his craft burns as brightly now as it ever has!

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